Welcome to the new Guilford Intranet!

WordPress logo

You may have noticed that the Guilford College Intranet has had a facelift.

We’ve made changes to the Intranet to freshen up the way that it looks and – most importantly – to make it much easier to use.

WordPress is a free WordPress publishing platform available to current Guilford College faculty, staff and students. Guilford College users can use WordPress to create a department, office, student club or personal websites that support the academic mission of the college. WordPress, however, is not a replacement for department/program sites developed in Drupal that are published to Guilford College main site, www.guilford.edu. Guilford wants to avoid duplicating efforts or information and provide a consistent experience for our users.

Guilford has installed WordPress Multisite in the Guilford network so it is protected and secure. Answers to questions on editing, publishing, and functionality are easily found on this internal website. If you are a Guilford College faculty, staff or student member, you’re probably visiting to learn a little more about WordPress. We’re going to try to provide a lot of great resources for learning about WordPress. Have a look around and enjoy the site! Go to the Training Site.

Finding your way around

Here are some tips for getting started with the new look Intranet:

Main Navigation

Main navigation – There are links to the offices, academic resources, additional sites, support and admin login in the main navigation of every page. The support link is a great place to get started and learn more about how to use the intranet.

Quick links– There are quick links at the top of every page. These links provide a gateway to many tools and resources for all staff, faculty or students.

Breadcrumb trail – Displays a breadcrumb trail that helps you quickly navigate to the previous page. You can also return to the previous page by clicking the back button to the left of the address bar.

Secondary navigation – There is a site-specific navigation bar on the top left of every page. Below is an example of what it looks like from the intranet home page. The menu options will be different on each site.

Secondary navigation expanded

Intranet Home – select the navigation link to get back to the Intranet home from every page.